August 29, 2011 at 3:01 am (part I)

League Monthly Meeting August 28, 2011

Members: Bull, Make Velli, William McKinnon, Keegan, Marc Lecroix, Tiara Rey, Jester
New Apprentices: Tallye Flaxien
Friends: Arianna, Ru Mori’ereg, Draconis Alanoth, Artegal, Phaedra


This month’s meeting was run by Adventurer Dellan, who welcomed everyone warmly this evening. Then he continued with telling everyone that as everyone knows Master Jester stepped down from leading the craft side of the League and gave his position to Kaylee. Kaylee again has been called to far off lands for the time being. After Dellan got the blessing of Jester he announced that Tiara Rey from now on will lead the crafting side of the League.

New Members:
The League is proud to welcome Tallye Flaxien as a new member to the League. She will go the crafter side and start as apprentice. Therefore Tiara agreed to mentor the hardworking tailor.

Past events:
We had a lot of events to gather resources for building our new League representance in Wizenthrik:

  • Sonja Sparks held her very first event and invited everyone to the Mining Ore Time
  • Maka Velli was the guy of the sand castles. He as well as Rend Stormhammer and Shea Steele collected sand at Ember’s beach for our wonderful windows
  • Bull had another of his all day events and so hatchets were heard throughout Gwend Isles when he and his friends collected logs for the new building’s flooring as well as the roof which finally is done
  • Also the League invited everyone to the Crazy Llama Race, which was great fun
  • Not to forget the tavern night in the smallest pub in the realm: The Weary Traveler Tavern in New Shadowcove

Coming events:
It’s going to be a busy next month:

  • Maka searchs for a skilled t-hunter who with him can work on a treasure hunting event. If anyone feels up for it, please contact our apprentice Maka Velli
  • Ru stepped up to run an exciting fishing tournament of Mainland vs Islanders. And although he is not a member of the League (yet?), we will gladly support him
  • Also the Princess asked for our help in harvesting the apple trees in New Shadowcove, since this summer was very good one for our crop and they are due. Our newest member Tallye will hold an event for it

Current issues:

  • The League and its members wanted to again thank Master Jester for the work he put in to the new League building. Now the moving can begin. It will be a lot of work but if we plan everything correct and carefully, we will may be able to hold our next month’s meeting in the new building already
  • To end this month’s meeting properly Jester had the best idea of the night: Since we all mainly kept talking about the new building we visited it. Everyone loves it and can’t wait to move in. Maka also suggested to have a good crafting area so more than only meetings can be hold there – for example Crafting Circles. Also he came up with the idea of having special rune books marked to the certain map locations for our brave treasure hunters. Hopefully one of our members will organise an event for marking those runs

The next monthly meeting will be held during the last week of September. Keep your eyes on the board for updates!

Written by Tiara on behalf of


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August 26, 2011 at 8:25 pm (part I)

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July 30, 2011 at 6:39 am (part I)

League Monthly Meeting July 29, 2011

Members: Jester, Bull, Lilith Synn, Jadyn Lynn, Marc Lecroix
New Apprentices: Sonja Sparks, Maka Velli
Friends: Rudolph Perkins, Nyxi and Cavthena


This month’s meeting was run by Tiara Rey.

New Members:
The League is proud to welcome Sonja Sparks and Maka Velli into the ranks of the League! Since Sonja is a crafter, Bull will mentor her. And for the treasure hunter Maka Velli’s mentor I will send a note to Adventurer Dellan, since he couldn’t be at our meeting this night due to having to take care of his sister.

Past events:
We sponsored a few events the last weeks since the last meeting

  • Bull held three gathering events for our new building in Wizenthrick which were Gathering Clay, Tree Chopping Time and More Ore Required
  • Kaylee and Shea held tavern nights in our realm’s famous pubs
  • Lord Protector Nox Tortuga in cooperation with the League held a tavern night also in the WWND “Whisky Wine and Naughty Delights” pub, where he encouraged everyone to share stories about the fallen elves who were guarding our realm
  • Our necro Lilith Synn gathered all the fishermen together to held a Netting for Nutters event out on the sea
  • We also finished our successful Scavenger Hunt where folk had to search for dangerous spots in our dungeons
  • Dellan together with the Keepers held an event for the Luna Stone Quest to free the couple
  • And we as well had a Tailor Time event to craft together for an hour and have fun

Coming events:
There are a lot of events afoot:

  • Bull will hold a gathering logs event again
  • Sonja Sparks agreed to meet up with everyone and dig up some ore for the construction our new League bulding in Wizenthrick and also to find a few maps for the treasure hunter’s side of our group
  • Maka Velli invites everyone possessing a pickaxe to spend some time at the beach for collecting enough sand to make wonderful coloured windows for the new building as well
  • Lilith Synn is planning on having another of her famous fishing events (famous for the amount of booze)
  • There will be also a Llama Race out on the race track in the comming weeks
  • We’re currently brainstorming about another Scavenger Hunt
  • Nyxi, and although she might not be a member was so nice to organise an event to clear the trolls invading the woods near Wizenthrick.

Current issues:

  • There was an attack by trolls at our building site outside the walls of Wizenthrick. The workers were able to escape and informed Jester, who then contacted the B.U.M. agents to cloak the building for protection. Luckily! Now the working is going on well again.
  • The keg prices are regulated again and it seems, there are no problems with it anymore
  • Rudolph asked about the lack of paper sieves on vendors around towns. We were able to ensure him, there will always be some on vendors from now on and apologised for any inconvenience

The next monthly meeting will be held during the last week of August. Keep your eyes on the board for updates!

*signed and sealed*

Master of The League

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July 18, 2011 at 11:25 pm (part I)

Merchant of the League
Mordakane Industries


Merchant of the League
Mordakane Industries


Merchant of the League
Mordakane Industries

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July 14, 2011 at 1:52 pm (part I)

The sun sank slowly behind the hill, shafts of light piercing through between the trees growing along the ridgeline and casting shadows well down the slope and into the meadow beyond. There were noises floating on the breeze…

She was able to identify Ardra talking with her son; Schmitty was preparing to leave for the Deamon Ruins; Crystal sat not far away from her on a picnic blanket surrounded by dandelions writing some notes.

Spotting an apple tree she walked up to it, sat down underneath and began to observe her friends more closely. Crystal appeared to be so busy writing her notes that she didn’t seem to notice her dark robed friend while playing with a wisp of her wonderful, long green hair. Niamh also wondered why Schmitty didn’t walk up to her to kiss her cheek as usual. They all seemed so busy but at the same time so happy and serene and she wished she could be a part of it. Oh, she wanted it desperately but something was holding her back.

Behind a grassy mound she spotted the dandy archer preparing his bow and arrows for the next fight. He tested the tension of his bow, counted the arrows and checked their tips. His eyes seemed to concentrate only onto his hunting tools but he was never too busy to ensure his feathered hat was sitting properly on his head and the cloak waving neatly down his shoulders.

“I wonder why they’re all ignoring me, what is wrong? What did I do?” she asked herself in a whispering voice but obviously it wasn’t as silent as she thought. Suddenly everyone turned to her, eyed her angrily and started to walk up to the apple tree. Bull took out a war axe he recently made and held it in his right hand. His muscles were so strong from all the crafting he did. His mother Ardra summoned her spirit wolves, but these were not like usual; there was a shadow behind her. These wolves, and there were ten of them, much bigger than normal, with blood red fur and even on their teeth were blood and flesh leftovers visible. Ardra’s voice was furious as she continued to intone the magic words to summon more and more wolves for her army. Crystal was waving her arms around in a fury. She had anger and rage in her eyes such that Niamh had never seen before. The priestess raised her arms and started to throw fire bolts at Niamh and the apple tree above her. The innevitable result came to be: the old and noble apple tree began to burn. Branches were falling towards Niamh, Peregrine shot his arrows directly at her chest and Schmitty started to pour bright green liquid onto his fork.

“I failed, I disappointed you all and that is the punishment I deserved…” she whispered as she felt the end was near. She looked down at her chest and all the arrows. Further down the wolves were pulling at her robe, growling and snarling. Tears dropped down her cheek. All she wished for now was Mother Gaia finally releasing her from the pain… not the physical but the knowledge that her closest friends were rightfully turning against her.

One slim branch twisted down and touched Niamh’s shoulder and as she turned around she looked straight into a man’s lifeless eyes. “Wake up Niamh, wake up.” he was whispering into her ear and patted her shoulder “You need to wake up, you had a nightmare.” Niamh blinked twice, looked around and noticed they were alone in this dark and cold cave. She sat up straight, still shaking and jittering and wondered who this man was, as she had never before seen him here in the underworld.

The man with the empty face seemed to know what was wandering through her mind and sat down next to her. His inane and breathless voice started to fill the corner. “Niamh, I know why you are here. The balance of death is out of kilter and I was waiting for you to come and help me restore it. I’m the keeper of daemons and the dead, but I’m unable to bring the balance back as it has become too difficult a task. Yet you seem to be scared.” Niamh looked at the ground. “Don’t be; You are strong, intelligent and very dilligent and your Goddess sent you because you’re the only one who can save our continuity on both sides – the living and the dead.”

She shook her head slowly and was about to speak as he continued. He seemed so strong though his body was only a fragile frame for his soul. “All you have to do is to find this chest. It will cost you a lot of effort but you have to hurry or you’ll end up like me. All these creatures, the lost souls, the daemons and the dead, they all draw your energy and you may feel only hunger and tiredness yet, but in the twinkling of an eye death will be closer than you would wish. Hurry Niamh, find the answer in your heart and go your path.”

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